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How to make a horse head cake

For the LOVE of HORSE!

Every once in a while I get a random email of "How did you make that"?, or "What cake pan did you use"? I don't use cake pans I carve cake so it is really hard to explain. For this cake I decided to take pictures as I went, so you could DIY your own horse head cake.
Here is step by step by picture of how to make a horse head cake.

First start with baking a slab cake and freeze it. When I'm carving a cake I find it is easier to work with it cold. There is less chance of big pieces crumbling off. Draw a template on paper and cut it out. Place the template on the cake, using a pairing knife cut around the the outside. Then remove the template and place it beside the cake to use as a guideline for the 2D dimension carving of the cake. Use a cake knife to slowly carve away to give the layers and depth that you need. Make sure you leave a good indent for the eye, so when you place the fondant eye ball in later it isn't pertruding to much out of the cake. Once the cake is to a final carving state then cut it in half and spread the filling. I then give if a thin layer of buttercream icing around the outside. Make sure it is smoothly iced. **Remember** any lumps and bumps that are left will show through after the fondant is on. Place the cake in the frezer to let the buttercream icing harden. Now it is time to roll the white fondant on. If the fondant is wet from the cake being too cold, let it dry before proceeding to the next step. Using an airbrush slowly added layers of black to nostril, mouth, ears, eyes and neck. Do this slowly in stages, and let it dry in between sprays. If you spray the color on too heavy it will dry spotty in places. Roll out a peice of fondant for the eye and paint it black with black gel food coloring and alcohol mixed together (for a glossy look) or you can use the airbrush color (more of a matte finish). Now it is time to add the bridle, bit, mane, and forlock details. Mark holes in the bridle after it is pieced all together to give the effect of stitching. Paint the bit metalic silver so it looks realistic. Add the mane in strands layering as you go so it looks like its flowing in the wind. I used the ruffle tecnique to create a ribbon to attach to the reins. An award winning horse head cake. Enjoy!

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